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Cajun Ten Commandments 12 x 12" stencils

Cajun Ten Commandments 12 x 12
Manufacturer: Scrappin' Along Craft Stencils
SKU: 1107
Price: $16.00

Cajun Ten Commandments
1. Jus be one God... and das' all.
2. Don't pray to nuttin' or nobody... jus' God.
3. Don't be cussin' at nobody, specially the good Lord.
4. When it be Sunday... pass yo'self by God's House.
5. Listen to yo mama an' you daddy.
6. Don't be killin' no people... duck an' fish das' okay.
7. God done give you a wife, sleep wit' jus' her.
8. Don't take nuttin' from nobody else.
9. Always told da whole troot.
10. Don't go wantin' somebody's stuff.
Wording measures 11 x 11" and is centered on a 12 x 12" stencil sheet. Includes lobster graphic.

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