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Are your stencils reusable?
Yes! All of our stencils are cut from durable 7 mil plastic, strong enough to last for dozens of uses with proper care. Simply clean paint off after every use and store in the package they came in.
Do I have to use special paint to stencil?
In some situations "special" stencil paint is a great option as it is thick like cold butter and doesn't bleed like other paints can. However, as a general rule you can stencil with any paint you like
How do I clean my stencils?
The easiest way to clean stencils is while the paint is still wet. For acrylic pain t use warm soapy water or baby wipes (my personal favorite). Oil or latex paints can be cleaned off (even when dry)
How do I stencil on fabric?
Click here to view an informative video using our products in cooperation with Country Sampler Magazine.
How thick are your stencils?
All of our stencils are laser cut from durable 7 mil blue plastic. Thicker stencils can allow paint to build up and cause bleeding, Scrappin' Along Craft Stencils are thin and flexible to allow for a